Stanthorpe.. The Granite Belt.

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Stanthorpe is located in south-east Queensland about 225 kms from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Its about a 3 hour drive and very close to the NSW border. With a population of about 5500, Stanthorpe’s industries include Agriculture, Apples, Grapes, Stone fruit and Tourism. with about 50 wineries in the region it is very popular for weekend escapes from the cities.

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Storm King Dam. Part of a beautiful scenic drive within the region.

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Great  fresh produce of Olives, Apples cheeses. Home made Artisan bread all complimented by a local wine.

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Home made Apple tea cake with a glass of Apple Cider. Pick the apples off the tree and this is the result.

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Home made white from the oven to the table.. mmmm

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The  wineries are quickly becoming one of Australias premier wine regions.

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Scattered throughout The Granite Belt are beautiful Accommodation choices.

Ranging from this boutique cottage through to Caravan and camping spots for everyones taste and budget.

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The Granite Belt is 811m above sea level with stunning crisp ,clear nights to view the millions of stars.

When your travelling along the East Coast of Australia we would highly recommend you visit The Granite Belt.