Here are just a few of the animals you will find sharing our beautiful country. Having spent most of my life living in Urban areas you don’t get an appreciation or understanding of the importance of sharing our habitat with these amazing creatures. In recent years I have been very lucky to photograph many animals in their natural environment but I have also witnessed the damage that mankind is causing to the long term survival of these animals. Mankind must respect and protect wildlife for future generations and the long term ecology of our country.

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Australias most loved animal.Survive on only 2 types of Eucalyptus leaves and are only awake for 2-3 hours per day.Tourists arrive from all over the world to get up close to our Koala’s.Found along the east coast of Australia their numbers are reducing due to mankind bulldozing the Eucalyptus Trees in which they live.

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One of the worlds largest burrowing animals. Growing up to 1.3m and weighing up to 36kg. even though they look cuddly they are not really the cuddling type.

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The most widespread of Owl species across Australia and the world.They have the most acute hearing of any animal and have an eerie shriek rather then a howell. A stunning Bird.

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Australias most Iconic animal.Over 60 different species found and easy to find in the wild. Can be a nuisance for our farmers but you just have to like them.

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Hard to find in the wild and we were very excited to see this guy. Can stay under water for up to 10 minutes and can consume their own body weight in food in a 24 hr period. The males are venomous so keep your distance.

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The most amazing animals on the planet. Learn a little about them and you will want to learn more. Lived longer then the Dinosaur. My passion in the animal world. Mankind must stop culling them. Found  in Far Northern Australia so if you don’t like them don’t live there. If you don’t swim with them you will be ok, why can’t people understand that?

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Mainly found in the rainforest of tropical far north Queensland up on the Atherton Tablelands. We feel very privileged to have found this one as their numbers are diminishing.

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Mainly coastal but also found in large rivers and lakes. Extremely acute eye sight to swoop down at the sight of food on a tree branch. Amazing wingspan beautiful to watch in full flight.

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Australias largest flightless bird. Found in far north Queensland tropical rainforest. Very powerful up to 2m in height and capable of killing a human. Have been described as an Emu in drag.

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Found across the top one third of Australia. Eyes turn blue when due to shed a skin. Like all Pythons they are non-venomous and very popular as pets. My favourite snake.

Travelling this great country of ours allows you to experience these beautiful animals and appreciate their existence in our environment. Why does mankind believe its ok to kill our wildlife ? More must be done to stop this happening, Public awareness allows us to stop and think about it and thats all I ask. We must protect our Wildlife.