In Between Stops

So from point A to point B we do little stop overs so here are just some “In Between” places we have visited from Nimbin to the Central Coast as we crossed over part of The Great Dividing Range.

Panorama_SS (1)Point Lookout – Looking across the Great Dividing Range

After leaving Nimbin we decided that we had no need to rush from point A to point B, so we decided that we would take the back roads and cross over part of the Great Dividing Range and not get on the ant trail and use the Pacific Highway, what a great decision that was, because we got to see some beautiful country side not many cars or trucks and we were able to view this time at our own pace.

6K3A8336Glenreagh Camp Grounds

Our first stop was just a few hours at Glenreagh:-

Glenreagh is a small town in the Clarence Valley in the Northern Rivers region of north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. The small population of Glenreagh is about 422 people.  We stopped here because it looked relaxed and pretty and had an amazing bush shower, all they have is a pub, a pool, a school, a general store, and a police station which I am sure does not get a lot of action.  It is also just a 35min drive to Coffs Harbour so if you need to get into a major city your only 35mins away.

6K3A8344Just enjoying the fresh night air at Glenreagh

After Glenreagh we were told about a great camping spot called Little Styx River by the Caretaker, she informed us that its on a little creek that was very isolated at this time of the year.  So being my birthday David said how about we check it out and do some bush camping, we drove and headed to Little Styx River.

6K3A8365_SS LR (1)Dangar Falls Dorrigo

Before we made it to Little Styx River we drove through Dorrigo and wow what beautiful country is this it was green as green can be, Dangar Falls are located about 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) north of Dorrigo, on the Bielsdown River. The falls are small but picturesque, and are a popular photographic subject. For a short time after rain they are quite spectacular. There is an attractive picnic spot which offers excellent views, and you can now walk down the track which will take you to the falls.  These falls are often confused with Dangars Falls, near Armidale, about 125 kilometres (78 mi) to the west, along the Waterfall Way. So after our pit stop we made it to Little Styx River.

Little Styx River Ebor

Well wasn’t this a surprise, it was just on the edge of the New England National Park, so we were able to have Makka there and low and behold a drop box, for those of you who don’t know what a drop box is, it is a tin can with a toilet seat over a hole in the ground, and whatever you do don’t look down, and yep what did I do, I looked down……

UnknownBombs away

Well getting back on to this amazing place, well it was my birthday so we decided to set up camp for the night and have a romantic night under the stars enjoy a campfire a wine or two and enjoy the peaceful cool atmosphere, except that when we arrived we were greeted to the sound of MOOING, yes folks the local cattle farmer had brought down about 60 head of cattle to munch away on the grass next to the river in front of our campsite so honestly we were really bush camping.

6K3A8387_SS LR (1)Our curious neighbours

Moovie Time

But this didn’t stop us, its all part of our adventure, and I must admit the cowboy made it aok and (ladies you know what I mean)?   So Its starting to get cool and I decided that part of my birthday I wanted a campfire so off I go to collect wood with my bodyguard Makka right beside me, and guess what I step right into a cow paddy with my good thongs on so a yelp is let out as I hope back to get David to help but no he is laughing and said you did it you clean it so much for helping a damsel in distress, so I clean off my shoes and try again trying not to step in any more cow poops,  I gather up the wood to start my campfire

6K3A8380_SS LR (1)Yep Im pretty excited that it worked

So night is falling we have had a couple of drinks, a couple of laughs and its time to watch the bush mans tv, its so mesmerising and the temperature has fallen and nothing beats sitting around a campfire enjoying it.

6K3A8402_SS copy (1)The bush mans tv

So my birthday I must admit has been one of my favourite birthdays to date.

We are now on the Central Coast of New South Wales, here we will catch up with family before we head off again.


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  1. I’d love to be sat round a fire like that right now, much better than TV. Also what font do you use for the watermark name on the photos?

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