Gold Coast – Queensland Australia


What can you say about the Gold Coast ?

To be brutally honest, the time that we spent there we did not enjoy ourselves only for the fact that we got to spend time with family.  I guess like any place you visit when your a child everything is fun, well to me the Gold Coast was FUN but now its just become all about MONEY, who is who, and trying to keep up with the Jone’s. Or is it because I have just gotten older and wiser that I found the Gold Coast not to be a very friendly place? or am I just so use to living in a smaller environment where everyone says hello and goodbye, and not rushing from one spot to the next and not trying to push you off the road and giving you the bird or honking a horn or rushing everywhere like its never going to end.

UnknownJust a little built up for our liking

Don’t get me totally wrong, it does have some good points now let me think????? Yes the beaches are still amazing and great surf, as long as you swim between the flags and not get dragged out to see by a rip or under current.

6K3A8252_SS LRWalking along the beach first thing in the morning, with a salt haze covering the Gold Coast

6K3A8222_SS LRNow thats a Jellyfish

The Gold Coast along the beach front is full of high rise apartments, hotels, and there are plans for more to rise, I guess some good points it does cover Sun, Surf, Sand the bronzed Aussie, the meter maids and has the biggest theme parks in Australia, Sea World, Dreamworld, Wet & Wild, and Movie World.  So bringing the family along for a holiday, the Gold Coast has you covered.

6K3A7613_SS LROn top of the Gold Coast in the Q1 Tower looking South to Tweed Heads

So our journey must continue and we must say GOODBYE Gold Coast, nice place to visit we just wouldn’t want to live there.  I guess we are not in a hurry to get anywhere fast.  Love the fact that we are so laid back and in no rush.


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  1. OH MY GOD thought you lot had disappeared!!! Great to hear from you and know you are happy and healthy – looking forward to hearing more of your adventures – call you soon for a ‘private’ chat !! Ali and Grant

    • LOL, hey sweetie, no we just were hibernating on the Gold Coast, we are now back on the road full time, miss you guys. Oh saw the pics of Keith and Wendy valentine party lol xx

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