Hideaway Bay – Whitsunday’s

We got told by a couple of locals to go and visit Hideaway Bay and Dingo Beach as they said it is just a beautiful place to visit and away from the Tourist traps.  They were not wrong, it is hidden away but what a view these lucky few people who live here have to look at each day.

6K3A7418_SS LR (1)Hideaway Bay is situated just north of Dingo Beach on the way from Proserpine to Bowen, the bay is one of the Whitsunday’s best kept secrets.

At Hideaway Bay you can rent a beautiful house right on the beach or there is the Hideaway Bay Caravan Park, also there is the beautiful ECO Friendly Resort called Monte’s Reef Resort.  Hideaway Bay really is to Hideaway,  just a small local connivence store is all that is there so if you have to get food and necessities you have to take the 40km drive into Airlie Beach to keep your stocks replenished, but really this beautiful hidden piece of Australian Paradise is well worth the trip to stay here and loose yourself for a week or two.

6K3A7421_SS LR (1)Looking North up the beach

As we were walking along the beach we came across this great little purpose built, lets enjoy the beach, beach shack.  It comes with state of the art natural ventilation, an eco friendly roof, recycled wooden furniture and a lovely mosaic table.  What better way to either watch the Sunrise over the Whitsunday’s or enjoy an afternoon wine just letting the world go by.

6K3A7423_SS LR (1)Beach Shack or is it the Love Shack

Further along the beach we found Charlie, (as I had named him) Charlie is or was a Mud Crab he allowed us to take his picture, and get him out of the sun, as he was starting to get a wee bit sunburnt.  Im sure who ever had Charlie first totally enjoyed his company, because if I would have got to Charlie first I know what I would have been enjoying his company just as much…..

6K3A7435_SS LR (1)

Charlie and some washed up Coral

6K3A7428_SS LR (1)

Charlie the Hideaway Bay Mud Crab

As inviting as the water is along the Whitsundays, we have to remember that these waters still are in Jellyfish Waters.  So please when visiting Tropical North Queensland PLEASE READ OUR STINGER SIGNS they are there for a reason its for your safety, as we would love everyone to enjoy the water, but remember if you swim in unprotected waters with Stingers and you get stung, your holiday will be one you will never forget.

6K3A7420_SS LR (1)You will find warning signs all along the Tropical North Coast of Queensland

Just South of Hideaway Bay is Dingo Beach, no we didn’t see any Dingo’s on the beach, but that is not to say there are none.  Another small little community with a pub on the Beach edge. We thought nice we can have a beer just relax and enjoy this quaint little spot BUT NO they are not very inviting at he Dingo Pub,  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE DOGS ALLOWED, so no cold beer for us, because if Makka cant sit with us then we will go to another pub that will.  Its such a shame that they didn’t allow dogs, Im sure more people would be sitting in this great little pub enjoying a cold one with there best friend,  and look its not like it was the Ritz Carlton in anyway. I wonder would they let me bring in a Dingo? On saying this, it still is cute.

6K3A7444_SS LR (1)Dingo Pub

So over all our little drive around was enjoyable, but we have not even scratched the surface yet! still so much more to see…. we are still just a pimple on this amazing country of ours called Australia.

6K3A7440_SS LR (1)Makka & I enjoying Hideaway Bay