Introducing Hartley The Saltwater Crocodile

Introducing the newest family member to Aussie Tent Adventures ……..   HARTLEY THE ESTAURINE SALTWATER CROCODILE from Hartleys Crocodile Adventures.

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Hartley saying goodbye to his brothers and sisters

Hartley is aged about 14 months, he was born at Hartleys Crocodile Adventures, and was selected to come on our adventure because of his outgoing personality and good looks.  Hartley will be travelling in the FJ Cruiser in a custom made enclosure to keep him warm, safe and comfortable as we travel around Australia.

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Hartley getting the thumbs up and a good luck from a couple of the Keepers

Introducing him to Makka has been interesting as Makka has already tried to take a bite at him, but with Davids quick reflex’s jumped in before it got nasty.  They both now have settled down and have become great mates.

Hartley is looking forward to seeing the rest of Australia, especially being photographed at Iconic places like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House, Port Arthur in Tassie, meeting relatives in Darwin, going on a tram ride in Melbourne, having a glass of or swimming in vat of wine in SA, going for a surf at Margaret River, and watching the sun set over Uluru just to name a few.

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Hartley at the door getting ready to leave 

We look forward to sharing Hartley’s adventures with you Im sure you will get a laugh, maybe a tear as you follow Hartley, David, Makka and Kaz as we get ready to set off on our Adventure around Australia.

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The girls waving goodbye from the Restaurant at Hartleys Crocodile Adventure…..Yes they will miss him

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